My name is Sarah Griffith. 

December 2017 was a big month for me. I completed my Bachelor's Degree. I turned 26. And I met someone who completely changed my world.  

Mere weeks after meeting my girlfriend, I altered my vision of what I thought my future held, dropped everything, and made the decision to travel with her. Together we traveled in a van across Canada and parts of the United States. We flew to Mexico, and spent three weeks in her home country of Belgium.


Following these travels, I began selling (almost) everything I owned in preparation for my longest trip ever, a one-year excursion to faraway New Zealand. 

And voila, here I am, picking kiwis and taking names. 


On paper, I am a Communications Professional with over eight years' experience involving client-centred work. I hold a Bachelor of Communications, with a major in Professional Communications, from MacEwan University, and enjoy discovering new ways to creatively express myself.

In full technicolour, 100% real life imperfection, I am a neurotic, insecure, hopelessly flawed girl who makes mistakes, has no idea what she's doing, changes her mind 19032748 times a minute, and is basically just putting one foot in front of the other in the hopes she'll make it to the next day. But hey, I'm alive, happy, healthy, and writing this in New Zealand, so I must be doing something right.


I nurture an intense passion for storytelling, which has led me to a lifelong exploration of spoken and written word. I have been involved with theatre for most of my life, and have experience in stage and film acting, directing, and creative collaboration. I am skilled in writing for a variety of forms, and samples of my writing, can be found in the portfolio section of this website. You can also check out my blog for something a little more fun, and a little less formal.


One thing I do know (and it might be the only thing), is how important it is to seize opportunities when they come my way. Sometimes all it takes to find happiness is letting go of the idea of what your life is "supposed" to look like, and instead, just accepting what it is. 

I created this teeny tiny (arguably insignificant) corner of the Internet to colourfully and comically throw together my experiences. Some might call it a personal travel (and/or life) memoir. 

If you'd like to take a look around, feel free. If you'd like to leave now, totally cool. If you'd like to share stories of your own, or chat about anything really, let's talk.  


I believe one should never leave the house without a good book, there's no problem a long savasana can't fix, and without risk there can be no reward. 

So what are you waiting for?

Join me; take a risk.